The Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship was founded in 1999. IEE advances environmental and social sustainability for our planet, all people and our collective prosperity, now and into the future.


Early in its existence, IEE created the Green MBA program, the first in the nation to teach business practices devoted to achieving environmental and social sustainability while maintaining a solid financial bottom line.


The Green MBA program grew in temporary quarters for several years before moving to a permanent location at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA in 2007, which has allowed IEE to broaden its focus. This focus is now centered on helping to create the post-carbon society. Within two generations, humanity will have build new social and economic structures to adapt to climate change, while continuing to mitigate its effects. What we do now can ease and improve this transition.


The Research and Development conducted and aggregated by the Institute are informed by our focus. Much of our work is to be found in our Portfolio.