“Without your leadership and that of your staff in educating our Council and staff, making them enthusiastic about the possibilities, we wouldn’t be on this great track today.”

– Janet Lockhart, Mayor of Dublin California 2001-2008


51b9cf7cb3864265Dublin faced regulations preventing the best use of land next to mass transit, and our work with local officials fixed the problem. Nearly 10 years ago, IEE offered assistance to Dublin through Livable Communities strategies when we recognized that Dublin was a community of single family homes, where residents were required to drive everywhere. With the guidance of IEE, Dublin “moved forward learning first hand about Smart growth and creating a livable, walking community,” says former Mayor of Dublin, Janet Lockhart. New residents have expressed their appreciation for the balance of living in the suburbs, yet having the convenience of the Bart system right outside their doors. Lockhart recognizes IEE as the leader that “taught us how to produce that for Dublin.”