Americans drive more than three trillion miles each year. It’s clear that all of these trips, and the billions of gallons of gas we burn along the way, are unsustainable, but the solutions that will work for the entire country remain on the horizon.


At UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center, researchers are constantly testing the new theories and solutions that could carry us into a sustainable future. The Center is part of the Institute for Transportation Studies and is co-directed by Dan Kammen and Susan Shaheen.


The late Alex Farrell founded the center in 2006 to research new developments in transportation technology. Since then the Center has conducted countless studies, and it is working to develop new regulations and initiatives at both the state and federal level that will support sustainable transportation.


Researchers are looking into advanced vehicles and alternate fuels, the energy infrastructure needed to support those vehicles, and how to improve transit and travel connections so that we can travel more efficiently.


Researchers at the center are also looking into how goods are delivered, how certain populations face unique mobility challenges and how land use impacts our transportation needs.