Capturing Practitioner Wisdom


Whether they are “business entrepreneurs” or “social entrepreneurs” involved in creating products and processes to advance environmental and social sustainability, they are on the front lines of practical ways to make the world a better place.  Yet, they are so engaged in day-to-day challenges, they rarely write about their activities.  And writing things down remains the foundation for sharing information.


We at IEE decided to memorialize the work of practitioners by summarizing what we heard from them. For the anecdotal to become truly useful, it must be combined with other sources of experience and information, and it must be structured, critiqued and refined.  But first, it must be written down.


We have been recording the rich information arising out of several conferences over the past several years, to provide an aggregation of information and to work toward building a knowledge base and our collective wisdom about sustainability. These conferences address key sustainability issues including climate change, peak oil, the clean tech economy, green job creation, sustainable transportation, and more.


We encourage students to use our template, a standard summary format familiar to readers of academic journals, and to submit summaries from conferences devoted to sustainability in any field, for possible posting on our website.


We invite you to download the PDFs to review these conference summaries.


Berkeley Bioeconomy Conference 2013


The Future of Biofuels


The Bioeconomy of Europe


The Economy of Bio-based Products


An Economists View on the Bioeconomy


Policy, Consolidation and Investment Trends in Brazilian Biofuels


Untangling Bioenergy Policy in Forest Landscapes


Flood-Tolerant Rice Reduces Yield Variability, Benefitting Poor Farmers the Most


Social Capital Markets Meetings

Session Summaries


Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) Cleantech Session Summaries


Clean Technologies: Job Creation or Destruction


Implications of Businesses, Professionals, and Students


What is the Role of Policy in Green Job Creation in the U.S. and China?


Other Conferences

Sustainable Mobility and Cities: Marrying Technology  and Policy Conference 2012


Peak Oil or Climate Emergency