While many fine books, articles, conferences, or videos have been devoted to “sustainable” or “green” approaches to investment, production or consumption, they do not yet comprise a discipline or a field of inquiry like engineering, astronomy or anthropology. For sustainability to begin to fulfill its promise, it must act like a science. It must have a common knowledge base, transparency, and engagement of problem-solving experts.


Our structured approach will go beyond environmental issues, to the human impacts, causes and solutions for  making life on our planet sustainable – a Meta-Sustainability analysis.


The Meta-Sustainability online platform will marshal the best theories and practices into a structured discipline which reflects the realities of the planet: No Externalities Allowed.


Our planet has an implacable calculus for C02 production, natural resource depletion, and their  impacts on people. The planet counts it all. “Externalities” are a figment of our imagination.


The Institute’s online platform will engage policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and investors to find ways for human activity to be in balance with the way the Earth really works. At the core of the platform will be a peer-reviewed academic journal, which will advance “sustainability science,” a trans-disciplinary field of study and practice, in which we attempt to piece together the planetary calculus.


The platform is currently available in prototype only. Please contact us to view it!