We have taken some modest first steps to build a knowledge base to test the power of interacting elements of the Triple Bottom Line. Much original research by private think-tanks and on university campuses is contributing to parts of this quest. But we feel that the work of investors, entrepreneurs, community members and government officials also contains practical, experience-based information that must be included in our collective wisdom.


We have been working to record the information arising out of several conferences for the past two years, including Social Capital Markets conferences.


We invite you to download the PDFs to review these session summaries.


SoCap 2011 Session Summaries (PDF)


Building the Impact Entrepreneur Movement


Capital Ideas


Design for Social Innovation


Igniting a Global Community of Impact Investors


Investing for the Future of Technology


Pitch Session in Sustainable Consumer Products and Services


Prototyping is Not Just For Products


Spirituality and Social Enterprise


Technology and Innovation: New Models of Engagement


The Business Case for Impact Metrics


Who Tells the Story? Emerging New Voices


SoCap Europe 2011 Session Summaries (PDF)


SMS to Save the World – Mobile Making Impact by Ann Rogan


Using the Power of the Crowd to Co-Create Sustainable Solutions by Sandeep Ahuja


Micro-Keynotes by Tokunboh Ishmael

Lessons from the World of Microfinance for Social Investment by Sandeep Ahuja


Keeping the Lights On by Bill Farmer


Funding Your Social Enterprise by Alina Garleanu


Building Wealth for People & Planet by Restoring & Protecting Nature by Ann Rogan


Moving Minds and Moving Money by Tokunboh Ishmael


Entrepreneurs’ Voices by William Nolens


Three Bridges to Capital


Refining Your Revenue Model by Nathan Wyeth


Transitioning from Nonprofit Loan Funds to For Profit Equity Funds by Lenora Suki


Latin America: Landscapes and Lenses, by Pati Ruiz Corzo


The Role of Government in Catalyzing Social Investment by Leonardo Letelier


Financing Small Farms and Food by Nathan Wyeth


EVPA Workshop on Impact Measurement by Lenora Suki


Financing Small Farms and Food by Firas Ahmad


SoCap 2010 Session Summaries (PDF)


Investing in Natural Assets for Human Security


Investing for Peace: Deploying Capital in Conflict Zones & Fragile States


Taking it to the Next Level: Designing to Scale


It Takes a Village: Innovation From the Ground Up


Where the Action is: The Fastest Growing Industries & Markets


Exploring the Future: Innovation in 21st Century International Development


SoCap 2009 Session Summaries (PDF)


Sonal Shah Opening Keynote


Investing in Bottom of the Pyramid Education


Beyond Micro Financing


Creating a Narrative for Social Investing


You Don’t Have to be a Rockefeller!


Forecasting a Marketplace


Growth Capital for Non-profit Social Entrepreneurs


Human Centered Evaluation


Embrace Disruption! Opening Keynote Address, by Adam Werbach, Global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi


Mainstream Players Entering the Social and Environmental Area


Metastasizing Metrics


What Sells: True Tales of Amazement and Horror from the Fundraising Circuit


Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Finance in Developing Countries


Towards Triple Impact: Sustainable Ventures in Developing Countries


Showcasing the Social Capital Spectrum